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Use advertising machines to expand the market


In the era of popular advertising, advertising machines are indispensable. So how do advertisers choose the right advertising machine for themselves? How to avoid misunderstandings? In fact, there are many touch all-in-one machines, touch advertising machines, and advertising machine manufacturers. Let's take a look at what advertisers often have on advertising machines. Several mistakes.

Use advertising machines to expand the market


For example the following:


1. The content is not displayed clearly and concisely enough;


2. It has nothing to do with the audience;


3. Not offering a very attractive product.


These can lead to big discounts in marketing effectiveness, and even end in failure.


First of all, too much logo content can easily confuse people, make the entire message unclear, and easily get lost. It's important to remember that in those fast-paced environments, people want precise content. Know that digital signage is not a publication that can be held in your hand, all you need here is to convey accurate information to your audience in just a few seconds. Too complicated content will dilute its theme. Therefore, when building the content structure of digital signage, you must learn how to use the law of subtraction, so that the theme can always be in the most distinct position.


Secondly, the setting of the content must be sufficient for your target audience. Therefore, to take the construction of the correct digital signage content, it is necessary to fully consider the characteristics of the product and the target audience, and then prescribe the right medicine to achieve the best effect.

Use advertising machines to expand the market

Finally, if you want to attract more people to the store to spend, then you should come up with the most eye-catching product advertisements. Through the content displayed on the digital signage screen, you can directly feel whether consumers are interested in your products, so as to finally generate new benefits. Therefore, you must show what you think is the most interesting and attractive, and perhaps only in this way can attract more attention.

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