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One AD machine use case


Screenage is an embedded industrial touch screen all-in-one computer with capacitive infrared technology features. The system includes Android and WINDOWS, suitable for various occasions and available on the market. In addition, the touch screen sensitive, responsive, easy to operate. However, sometimes in more complex environments, it is not practical to use ordinary touch all-in-one machines, which can be easily broken. Therefore, it is necessary to use. Screenage embedded industrial touch-body machine to better complete the work, which is both beautiful and classy.

  Features of spectacular applications:

  1. Seamless design, with the sizes customized according to the exterior shape of the building, suitable for landmark construction

  2. High brightness, clearly visible in direct sunlight

  3. Auto adjustment of brightness with the ambient light

  4. Wide viewing angle, wide color gamut, rich color

  5. Protection level high enough to meet all weather conditions

  6. Environment-friendly and energy efficient for 7/24/365 work

  7. Low battery consumption and long service life