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LCD What should I pay attention to when installing the LCD splicing screen


Ordinary LED display requirements for the environment is more temperature and humidity, but LCD LCD splicing screen installation is not the same. Not only need to carefully choose the installation site, but also need to pay attention to the light around the installation environment, and have clear requirements for wiring, frame and so on. So Chengdu LCD splicing screen manufacturers say LCD splicing screen installation should pay attention to what problems?

LCD What should I pay attention to when installing the LCD splicing screen


From the ground selection, the installation ground of the LCD splicing screen should be smooth. It is generally not recommended to install on tile floors because of the possibility of crushing the floor. And the installation ground must be able to prevent static electricity. In addition, when wiring, we should pay attention to distinguish the power cord from the signal line and install it in different places to avoid interference. In addition, according to the size of the screen of the whole project and the installation position, calculate the length and specifications of all kinds of lines needed, calculate the needs of the whole project. LCD splicing screen is generally installed indoors, and the requirement for brightness is not very high. So choose to install the ambient light brightness can not be too strong, so as not to cause interference. At the same time, the light near the screen may be shielded when necessary, and the light had better be turned off when the device is running to ensure the normal operation of the device. Do not install a lamp directly in front of the screen, just install a cylinder lamp. Indoor space is also very important for limited viewing distance, and reasonable brightness adjustment should be paid attention to. In order to facilitate the maintenance of LCD splicing screen in the future, the frame edge must be detachable. Finally, air conditioning or air outlets must be installed to ensure good ventilation of the equipment.