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8 features of outdoor advertising machine


What are the characteristics of outdoor LCD advertising machine? We all know that outdoor LCD advertising machine is widely used, most of which are used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where crowds gather. It is an AD machine that delivers advertising messages to a specific group of people through a large terminal display device in a specific physical location at a specific time.


The outdoor use of LCD advertisement machine needs the support of multimedia player system. The multimedia player system uses the intelligent management module to realize the remote management and control of the player, and realizes the complete network protocol and remote management and control function on the server. Through the invention, the user can manage the remote terminal flexibly, the multimedia playing quality is not limited by the bandwidth, and the channel is not limited by the server. There can be any number of channels, and even each terminal has its own channel.

8 features of outdoor advertising machine


The uniqueness of outdoor LCD advertising machine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Outdoor LCD advertising machine has a wide audience.


The huge floating population is the biggest advantage of outdoor LCD advertising machine audience, so that outdoor LCD advertising machine has a broad living space, do not worry about being squeezed by traditional TV. The antenna of LCD advertising system can be extended to the city bus, subway, taxi and even railway train and other systems. According to statistics, in 2003, China's annual train carrying capacity reached an astonishing figure of 1.3 billion passengers. Such a huge audience market, it is the traditional TV "blind spot", so that the LCD advertising system took the lead. I'm sure you already know the potential commercial value of this.


2. Technology digitization


It is undeniable that every technological innovation will promote the leapfrog development of social productivity, and the media industry is more dependent on technology. The digital technology used by digital TV is high in science and technology and innovative. The original CRT displays are gradually being replaced by lighter and thinner LCD displays. Outdoor LCD advertising machine has become the future development trend of radio and television.


3.Instant messaging


Traditional television must be watched in a fixed place. This is a luxury for those busy with their day jobs. The appearance of outdoor LCD advertising machine enables mobile people to watch at any time and get more updated information, which greatly meets people's demand for information in the fast-paced society and enricifies the cultural life of citizens.


4. Internal accessibility


The LCD advertising information release system is prepared and built by enterprises and merchants themselves. Audiences only need to pay "attention" resources, without increasing personal investment and consumption costs, which is easily accepted by the public. In view of this, the popularity of LCD advertising is a profitable and social public welfare enterprise.


5. Monopolize communications


In the traditional TV communication, the audience has the relative initiative -- when the TV program switches to advertising, the public is more willing to change the channel, subjectively avoiding "advertising bombing", which weakens the effect of advertising information communication to a certain extent. Audiences can choose when and what to watch and change channels at any time, which is not ideal for advertising communication. But outdoor LCD advertising machine this kind of special media communication mode, because of its uniqueness and mandatory, make monopoly become a big advantage.


Because the audience of LCD advertisement machine is in a relatively passive state of "motion", there is no "remote control" selectivity for the preset communication content of outdoor LCD advertisement machine, so it is necessary to see a preset communication content. The monopoly of LCD advertising machine on outdoor communication deprived the audience of the right to change the channel at any time, but for those groups such as office workers who often take buses, it is beneficial to cultivate the public in the outdoor LCD advertising machine to watch the same programs and advertising awareness or habit. From the perspective of psychology, consumers in the state of sports or cycling will spontaneously search for more information when they have nothing to do in their spare time, which does not conflict with the information dissemination of LCD advertisements and is beneficial to some preset content (such as advertisements).


6. Bring new opportunities to customers


Traditional media is relatively fixed, consumers complain about the sameness of advertising, but no one can escape, are passive acceptance. It depends on whose ads are creative and whose ads are effective. On the one hand, we are constantly sublimating the content of advertising, on the other hand, we are struggling to find new communication carriers, and the emergence of outdoor LCD advertising machine just solves this problem. Its broad audience is the most comprehensive consumers, and it is easier to be paid attention to by consumers, so that advertising dissemination is more effective and more influential.


The first aspect: high advertising arrival rate, can quickly and effectively launch an advertising campaign. Because of the special mode of communication and extensive communication channels of LCD advertising, it can deliver advertising information to thousands of people.


The second aspect: compared with newspapers, radio and other media, the cost per thousand of video advertising (CMP) is relatively low, which is only one tenth of the cost per thousand of newspapers, radio and other media, saving advertising costs relatively.


Third aspect: compared with cable TV media, advertising capacity is large, content is updated quickly and information continuity is good. Large floating population, high media audience rate, high attention from passengers.


The fourth aspect: compared with outdoor advertising, it has the advantages of better readability, visibility and integrity of information transmission.


The Fifth aspect: TV advertising three-dimensional sense is stronger, more colorful, more continuous action, more advantages than print advertising, especially suitable for brand image promotion.


7. Make the most of information


How to make the existing information serve the largest number of people and produce the largest economic and social benefits has always been the issue that media people pay attention to and think about. The utilization of information by traditional TV media is far from its due value. On the contrary, the emergence of new outdoor LCD advertising machine can maximize the use of information, but also make it play the maximum value.


8. High cost performance


Advertisers need the most cost-effective ads to deliver their products or brand messages to the most targeted consumers. Screenage offers advertisers a new value added option.


The first aspect: the information is broadcast all day, and the audience can watch it all day. LCD advertising can broadcast different programs and advertising content according to different audiences, so that each time period becomes the prime time for advertising.


The second aspect: is a wide audience, directly hit the most valuable crowd. A wide audience and a large floating population are the biggest advantages of LCD advertising audiences. Its communication or service objects include the floating population in densely populated areas between cities. These audiences are both ordinary consumers and mainstream consumers. Therefore, liquid crystal advertisement this kind of media with compulsory watch nature, should be a good choice of fast consumer goods dissemination.


This is Screenage for you to sort out the features of outdoor LCD advertising machine. Advertising machine is different from traditional newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media, outdoor LCD advertising machine can help enterprises carry out good publicity anytime and anywhere, that is, the eight characteristics shared above. Screenage offers a professional warranty for your custom outdoor LCD advertising machine.