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Application of outdoor advertising machine


Nowadays, with the rapid development of outdoor media, the development of outdoor media has become a normal state of social development. Outdoor LED and outdoor LCD have become the two main forces in the application of outdoor electronic large screen. More and more occasions can use advertising machine, with the development of electronic outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising machine has become a beautiful landscape in the construction of urbanization now.


The display value of outdoor LCD and outdoor advertising seen in urbanization is very important for many business giants. Many enterprises have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to promote offline media on online platforms such as, Google search engine and Baidu search engine. These big-name ads can be seen in stations, subway stations and other areas.


The application of outdoor advertising machine, from the perspective of more than 10 years of experience in the outdoor industry, is mainly used in electronic bus stops, scenic spots, commercial streets, hotels, intelligent light poles, communities, charging piles and so on.

Application of outdoor advertising machine


At the same time, in addition to advertising, outdoor machine can also increase monitoring, detection, environmental monitoring and other functions according to the demand, can better realize the promotion of outdoor advertising machine.


How should we choose outdoor LCD advertising machine? Here are some things to consider!


We need to consider not only the actual scenario, but also the actual application. In some cases, such as scenic spots, because outdoor display groups are consumers, so in the design and production process to consider the practicality of outdoor units. This is also one of the main reasons that outdoor units need to be customized. During the design process, we will design the outdoor unit that best fits the scene according to the location and consumers. For the choice of our outdoor business and friends to customize the most suitable for their own outdoor advertising machine. Screenage as a provider of outdoor advertising machines, has a variety of styles, a variety of occasions of outdoor advertising machines, customized advertising machines, let the advertiser's content through the sea of people!