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Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Display
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Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Display

Shelf-edge Display is about the special application on shelf edge for smart retail solutions. We can provide both shelf header LCD Displays and shelf-edge LCD Displays.
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With the progress and development of science and technology, bar screen advertising machines are becoming more and more extensive, whether it is shopping malls, convenience stores, shelf buses, subway stations and other places, can be seen everywhere. Screenage provides customizable bar screen advertising machines, holding certification and assurance services.





A variety of styles can be selected


  • Wall-mounted 
  • Hanging type 
  • Embedded installation











Our advantages:


Smart split screen


Play horizontally and vertically


Remote control


HD picture quality


Bright screen


Size can be customized



Ultra HD picture quality

Support for multiple types of files

Web, pictures, and audio,Timely release, manage at any time


Remote management system

The strip shelf screen distributed system supports remote switching on and off, pause playback, timed release, and remote monitoring of advertising player playback

Customized long strip LCD screen everyone is now most worried about the quality of the product, in order to eliminate this doubt of customers, we provide quality assurance!

You can customize the size, ultra-HIGH resolution, restore the real color, the ultimate sensory experience!

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