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LCD LCD installation of the main points


With the development of the terminal industry market, led to a lot of electronic components manufacturers, including LCD liquid crystal display, it is now in the market utilization rate is increasing, many terminal manufacturers in the purchase of LCD liquid crystal display back there will always be a lot of scrap products, what is the reason? The reason is that the assembly does not pay too much attention to details, resulting in broken screen or damaged COMPONENTS of LCD LCD display, resulting in no display. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of LCD LCD display, today we give you a popular science in the assembly of LCD LCD display should pay attention to what details, to avoid damage to the product?

LCD LCD installation of the main points


1. Machine structure


During the assembly of the whole machine, LCD liquid crystal display in the flat state, because the LCD liquid crystal display belongs to the glass products, generally cannot bend, or directly to the external force to installation, the machine structure is usually designed in advance, and LCD liquid crystal display is commonly according to the design and shape size, dimension, assembly is appropriate, But the shell mold occasionally deviation, this time can not be directly hard button up.


2. The temperature


LCD LCD because of its backlight luminous type, will produce some heat, if the terminal product does not design a certain heat dissipation function, under the use of a long time, LCD LCD will reduce the life, and even cause the consequences of screen burning; Therefore, when designing the whole machine, we should take into account the heat dissipation of the product, use it within the temperature range known by the LCD LCD screen, and do not directly put the product in the sun for a long time. If it must be outdoors, we should take appropriate protective measures.


3. Assembly environment


Assembly environment should be dust-free workshop as far as possible, pay attention to dustproof, avoid dust into the machine to cause interference on the screen, and also affect the customer experience.


As above, the cautions about LCD liquid crystal display in assembly are arranged by xiaobian. Color LCD screen is a display device with good display effect, small size and beneficial to assembly. The assembly of any electronic components should pay attention to details to improve the stability of the whole machine products.