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How to deal with the phenomenon of outdoor advertising machine fever


With the development of The Times, outdoor advertising machine has been widely used, covering hotels, office buildings, stations, shopping malls, supermarkets and so on, and gradually approaching our daily life. I believe that many friends in the process of using outdoor advertising machine will find that outdoor advertising machine is very hot. Screenage is here to tell you that some outdoor advertising machines heat normally, while others do not. So how to solve the problem of outdoor advertising machine fever? Screenage will show you the details below:


1. Repair of heating parts


Most of the outdoor advertising machine hot hot main reason is the internal heat dissipation equipment management failure, so it is necessary to regularly check and repair the outdoor advertising machine, in order to timely find these problems and analyze the cause.


2. Ambient temperature control


Many places, such as hotels, supermarkets, high-speed rail stations and other places, will place outdoor advertising machines in the indoor environment, so we can control the indoor temperature of outdoor advertising machines for heat dissipation, through the use of air conditioning, fans and so on to keep the indoor temperature environment of outdoor advertising machines in the appropriate range. And effectively control the heating problem of outdoor advertising machine by controlling the ambient temperature.


3. Heat conduction material of outdoor advertising machine


Many outdoor advertising machine heat dissipation is not good, mainly because of use. Due to the use of non-thermal conductive materials, these thermal conductive materials can effectively improve the temperature of the equipment, so in the operation of outdoor advertising machine, there will be no heating and burning.

How to deal with the phenomenon of outdoor advertising machine fever


About the heat dissipation of outdoor advertising machine, after the above study, do you know how to solve it now? It is normal for the display screen of outdoor advertising machine to be hot. We don't have to worry too much about that. Screenage's AD machines are designed to dissipate heat to make them run better and last longer.