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Features and application scenarios of the wide LCD bar display


With the continuous development of scientific research and innovation, all kinds of new technologies are constantly appearing in our life. Display industry is no exception, a variety of creative strip display screen more and more in a variety of gestures appear in people's vision, for the world to create colorful modeling of different display systems, which is not only the progress of technology, but also the promotion of market diversification display demand.


Screenage is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, customization, production, sales and service of LCD strip screen. It can be customized according to the length and height of customer demand. The whole machine size is ultra-thin, long display life, waterproof, good heat dissipation. Both indoor and outdoor can be used. The main products are LCD bar screen, LCD bar screen, shaped LCD bar screen, LED square screen, shelf bar screen, subway station screen, bus guide screen, screen advertising machine, etc. The leaping design and pleasing appearance of THE LCD strip screen break through many restrictions of the installation environment of the traditional LCD screen, making the project more flexible, completely subvert the traditional LED monochrome advertising screen, ignite the new passion of the advertising industry, and create new commercial value.

Features and application scenarios of the wide LCD bar display


Widened LCD strip display function features


1, high reliability, good stability


The highlight LCD substrate of THE LCD strip screen is treated with unique technology. The common TV screen has the characteristics of industrial LCD screen, high reliability, good stability, suitable for working in bad environment.


2, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life


LCD strip screen using imported aluminum substrate, large effect of heat absorption and emission ability to reduce the light failure of LED lamp. The backlight heat has a low impact on the LIQUID crystal substrate, achieving energy saving, long life, effective energy saving, lighter and thinner product volume.


3. Ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio


LCD strip screen with ultra-high dynamic contrast, color display are more saturated and gorgeous, the visual effect is more three-dimensional lifelike.


4, excellent wide temperature working characteristics


The LCD strip can meet the requirements of fast start and clear image display in low temperature environment, and operate in natural environment temperature all day long, ideal for outdoor display needs.


Wide LCD strip display application field


LCD screen bar application field widely, but areas of application: bus, subway, airport, shopping malls, security monitoring, command and dispatch center, exhibition center display system, multimedia teaching, the government, the school studio, video conference system, multi-function hall, entertainment venues, restaurants, advertising display, brand stores image display, television, company showrooms, etc.