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The application of strip LCD in the new retail field


As we all know, the strip LCD screen application is very wide, including shopping mall shelves, airport subway, exhibition, government hall, hotels, stores, banks, hospitals, schools, scenic spots, bars and other public entertainment places, that let's focus today on the strip LCD screen in the new retail application.


Businesses to attract traffic, increase the desire to buy customers; At present, many shopping malls, supermarkets, stores have begun to change their appearance, the strip LCD screen is applied to the shelf above the product promotion activities, very powerful has become a sales artifact.


Because the product style is various, one by one to replace the elongated LCD video source more troublesome, time consuming and expensive, so broad elongated LCD manufacturers launched a new retail management system, through the cloud or local server to remote release program, time switch machine, price changes, such as god operation, greatly saves manpower and material resources and financial resources.


So how does it work?


Screenage has developed its own smart new retail display system, and its own dumb operating system. Specifically, there are Android advertising machine solutions, display solutions, and even Windows solutions for customers to choose, to meet the diversified applications of the new retail market.


For better cooperation with Chinese and foreign friends, the system has Chinese, English, traditional and other multi-language interface, simple operation can realize the program content upload, zoom, switch and delete. You can also deliver and edit content remotely, and display content in different formats such as images, texts, videos, and PPT.


To learn more about the use of strip LCD screens in new retail, please contact us, Screenage will be at your service!