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Super Slim Digital Signage Screen
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Super Slim Digital Signage Screen

Open cell is the new technology for digital signage industry, Designed for use in commercial applications and can run 24/7.
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In this digital age, the mobile Internet has become a trend of transmitting information, and digital signage is not far behind. With the continuous expansion of the application scope of digital signage, consumers have become the most direct beneficiaries, which means that in the development process of digital signage, major electronic manufacturers must focus on the experience of consumers and keep up with the times. Trend, maintain the vitality of change, otherwise, can only be eliminated. In keeping with this trend, screenage offers ultra-thin digital signage displays for everyone!


Elegant appearance, ultra-thin design


The machine adopts all-metal black curved edge design, and the thickness of the body is calculated in millimeters, bringing you a new visual impact.

Super Slim Digital Signage Screen


Humanized design


Fanless design, reduce dust and noise, original assembly, built-in AC input and output function.


Synchronized playback


Network synchronization, millisecond-level error control, packet synchronization, and unified synchronization.

Super Slim Digital Signage Screen


Program encryption


Playlists and program materials are encrypted and verified, and illegal programs are rejected.


Various expressions


Support the display of video, pictures, text, dynamic information and other materials, realize the real 1080p full HD display of video, up to 26 picture transition modes, support split-screen and full-screen display programs, specify date and time, and play specified programs.


Timing management


Four working modes, 3 independent timers can select the time switch every day without manual intervention.


External multi-channel interface


The machine has a variety of external interfaces such as VGA, HDMI, USB, and LAN, and external input devices can be connected to meet your various needs.

Super Slim Digital Signage Screen


Full viewing angle display, colorful


The ultra-wide viewing angle extension technology (S-PVA) has vivid colors and exquisite details, and restores natural images.

Super Slim Digital Signage Screen